Friday, October 09, 2020

MERCED - I (Mindanao Educational Resources for Curricular Enhancement and Development - Initiatives)

MERCED-I stands for Mindanao Educational Resources for Curricular Enhancement and Development-Initiatives. The program is a multiple set of databases accessible on the net, and harvested for purposes of enhancing and supplementing both the existing physical, and the zero online collections of the UP Mindanao Library..

With minimal, and zero administrative support for its collection development program, the collective effort of the staff facilitated the supplementation of these databases. Thus, the letter I in the program stands for Initiative. It speaks of how organizational neglect and administrative snobbery can motivate librarians and staff to think out-of-the-box, and still be able to develop collections in support of curricular requirements..

MERCED-I, initially is composed of Open Educational Resources (OER), Free and Open Content and Resources for Academic Purposes (FOCRAP), and the entire content of the UP Mindanao Library's website,ALARM. Further expansion is in the pipeline. .

MERCED-I takes its inspiration from other institutions of higher learning (IHL) around the globe, and hopes to enlarge the collections through the same initiative and motivation that started it. Contributions through gifts and donations from supporters and well-meaning friends both inside and outside of the academe, are most welcome. .

Click on the links below, and be connected to the full record to access contents via the UPMindanao Library's OPAC.

Daghang salamat!

MERCED-IJO (MERCED-Initiatives of Journals Online).

MERCED-IOA (MERCED-Initatives of Open Access).

MERCED-IOER (MERCED-Initiatives of Open Educational Resources).