Search Tips

Title Search When searching for a specific title, enter the complete title:
Studies in the sociology and economics in Japan

or just keywords within the title:

Studies sociology economics Japan
Author Search For personal author search, enter the full name of the author in any order:
Ambeth Ocampo or Ocampo, Ambeth
For corporate author search, enter the complete name of the institution:
National Research Council of the Philippines
Accession Number Search When searching for Accession Number, enter the the complete Accession Number:
FI-13210 or 11073p
Call Number Search For Call Number search, enter the Complete Call number:
QA 76.15 D36 1983 or QA76.15D361983 (without spaces)

or just the beginning of the Call Number if you wish to get titles of the same classification number:

QA 76.5 or QA76.5 (without spaces)
ISBN or ISSN Search For ISBN or ISSN search, enter the 10-digit/13-digit ISBN or 8-digit ISSN:
981-247-062-X or 981247062X (without the hyphens)
Publisher Search When searching for a publisher's name, enter the complete name of the publisher:
The Macmillan Company

or just the major keyword/s in the publisher's name:

Subject Search For subject searches, enter the complete subject entry in a subject heading form:
World War II, 1939-1945--United States

or just the keyword/s / phrase within the subject:

World War II United States
Other Search Tips
  • You can change the sequence of the keywords in your search and still get the same result. This applies for search in the fields Title, Author, Publisher, Subject, and Any Field.

  • Punctuation marks and other special symbols, when part of the search word, such as: colon(:), comma(,), semi-colon(;), period(.), question mark(?), tilde(~), back tick(`), exclamation point(!), at sign(@), number sign(#), dollar sign($), percent sign(%), caret/hat sign(^), hyphen(-), plus sign(+), open and close parenthesis(), square brackets[], curly braces{}, vertical bar(|), backslash(\), forward slash(/), greater than and less than symbols<>, and double quotations marks(), are ignored.

  • To do a right-truncated search, append an asterisk (*) immediately after the search word. Example: when you enter SURFI* as your search word, you will get all records with words beginning with SURFI, such as: SURFING, SURFICIAL, etc. (Note: this search technique does not apply when searching for accession numbers).

  • Search in any of the fields is case-insensitive (uppercase or lowercase).